FranAnn's Rated Toilets (9)

Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Plaza Premuim Lounge, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines

9th January 2018
No complaints here. Clean and well stocked washroom facility or as they call it in the Philippines....CR (Comfort Room). As an add on, the Plaza Premuim Lounge is super relaxing with comfortable chairs and delicious food and beverages while you wait.

Ayala Center Cebu, VIP Lounge, Ground Floor, Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines

2nd January 2018
For a fee (20 pesos) you can use the facilites where there is a place to rest your tired feet or use what they call a CR - Comfort Room. There are 2 CR attendants that keep the supplies available and clean each toilet after use. I’ve got no issues here except that the entire place needs a bit of a facelift, not enough cleaning can hide that it needs to be updated, regrouted etc. Excellent for kids as there is a diaper changing table and even a mini urinal for little boys.

The Burger's Priest, Upper James Street, Hamilton, ON, Canada

28th November 2017
Washroom facilities quite utilitarian like the rest of the restaurants style. Purposeful, tidy washrooms. Excellent handicap facility combo family washroom.

The Cheesecake Factory, Walden Galleria, Cheektowaga, NY, United States

28th November 2017
Lots of room, clean but a bit dark. Ladies faculty and Handicap Facility very good.

Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, Germany

23rd November 2017
Washrooms near A18 Gate. Small, clean, modern - no complaints.

Botanico Beauty Wellness Center Villa del Mar, Jávea, Bahía de Jávea, Spain

18th November 2017
Small shared (men & women) facility but very clean. Wonder if there are more washrooms as it is not just a salon but a restaurant as well.

Bar Kandhala, Jávea, Paseo Amanecer, Platja de l'Arenal, Spain

14th November 2017
Clean handicap washroom, lock barely works but decent & spacious

Carrefour Market, Teulada, Spain

9th November 2017
Toilets can be found at the very back, right upon entering store. There are lots of toilets but needs a thorough cleaning. Paper products are placed wherever there is a flat surface but not in their dispensers. Handicap washroom is a good size but again, cleaning is needed.

Valencia Airport, Manises, Spain

8th November 2017
Decent facility in Arrivals area, just needs a good cleaning. Handicap faculty available but the lock to the door is broken therefore unusable unless you place a guard at the door!